Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Wrapping Basics

 Wrapping Basics

Basic Wrapping Guidelines 

  • Just like with any baby carrier you want baby to be supported knee to knee. Babies bum should be lower than knee making an M shape. 
  • Make sure babies air ways are ALWAYS clear. The wrap should never cover babies face and chin should always be away from chest
  • Babies should be arms in until the get proper head control 
  • The tighter you are able to get the wrap while you are wrapping, the comfier its going to be for every one. Take your time wrapping and get a nice and tight wrap job. 
  • When baby is on front you should be able to kiss the top of their head. This is how you know that baby is high enough. 
  • If baby is on your back you should be able to lean your head back and touch the top of their head. (this has exceptions) 
  • To get wrap more comfy on the shoulders you can always spread the rails and make them wider. 
  • Back wrapping can be very intimidating. It is best to master front carries before you attempt a back carry. The first time you try a back carry have a spotter to help you and do it away from hard surfaces. 
  • Youtube is a GREAT source!
  • Practice, practice, practice it gets easier!!  


Woven Wraps come in all different sizes. If you are new to wrapping you are probably going to want to aim to get a longer wrap, because more options will be available to you. Picking out the right size long wrap tends to go by shirt size more than height. However size has nothing to do with the wrap sizes that you can or can not use. Anyone can use any size wrap. The only thing that will very is the about of carries you can do with a specific wrap. 

size 1 - 2.2 meters
size 2 - 2.7 meters
size 3 - 3.2 meters
size 4 - 3.7 meters
size 5 - 4.2 meters   This is the size I use for my long wrap. I'm petite
size 6 - 4.7 meters   This is the standard long size wrap for an average sized person
size 7 - 5.2 meters   Plus size moms or daddies tend to use this size for their long wrap

Common Carries 

This is no where near all the possible carries but are basic or well known ones. Most of these carries also have a ton of variations. This enables you to be able to do the carry using different size wraps. I have linked a video of each carry as well. Most videos linked are by babywearingfaith. All her videos are amazing and I highly recommend them. 

Front Carries:

Back Carries:
Double Hammock (DH) I did this video =)

Hip Carries:


  1. This is super helpful! Thank you! I saw your link in the FB forum and am glad I came to your blog. The information available online is so overwhelming but this entry helped consolidate info in such a concise manner, I really appreciate it!