Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Breaking In A Wrap

A local mama friend of mine recently asked me to chop and hem a brand new size 7 wrap for her. She was nice enough to offer to let me ''break in'' the wrap before I chopped it into two smaller sizes.. There are many many MANY reasons people prefer broken in wraps. This can sometimes be pretty difficult, but there are a lot of different ways it can be done. What you're doing is breaking down the actual fibers of the wrap. This makes the wrap softer, more moldable, and makes the wrap easier to wrap with.

  1. This is going to be the most obvious one of all. The more you wear your wrap the more broken in it will get. Like your favorite old pair of jeans. They're more comfortable because they've been worn so many times.
  2. Wash and dry your wrap per manufacturer instructions. This helps for a few different reasons. There could be a few things (like dye) still on your wrap that make the fibers more stiff than they would normally be. Just keep in mind things like Wool felts extremely easily, bamboo and silk don't like heat but hemp loves it. 
  3. Iron your wrap. Again, keep in mind different fibers react differently to heat. Steam ironing your wrap is extremely effective in helping a wrap get softer. I find this very tedious but its honestly not that bad. 
  4. Sleep with your wrap. I love to lay wraps than need broken in down on my sheets and I just sleep on top of them. 
  5. Sit on your wraps when you drive. Just bunch them up and pop down on top of it. 
  6. Use your wraps as blankets. This is a big thing in our house. Jackson is super attached to a handful of our wraps. He carries them around with him, sleeps with them, covers up with them as blankies all the time. Its not surprise these are the most broken in ones. 
  7. Braid your wrap. For you crocheting moms this is simply the chain stitch. ( Photos further down)
  8. Twist your wrap up on top of itself. Place one tail (end) of your wrap on the ground, step on it, and keep twisting an twisting until it starts folding into itself. the other end will start folding the other way so its easier if you do this with two people. One twists while the other untwists the other end as you go (Photos further down)
  9. Use Slingrings!! Thread up your wrap in the rings like you would a belt and simply drag the rings down the length of the wrap. This one also works best with two people. One person holds the end of wrap while the other drags the rings. 
  10. Make your wrap into a hammock. Take your wrap under a table and tie a knot over the table and let your children play in it =) You can also use a crib or weight bearing hooks in your ceiling for this.

     Braiding a Wrap

Twisting a Wrap