Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Spreading the Love

I've been tossing around ideas for this post in my head for a while. Not entirely sure how to get my point across but wanting to try anyways because I feel like it is an important message.

There is a pretty large stigma around babywearing. People assume its just for parents who choose to go the attachment parenting route. Parents even think that babywearing could be just another part of the ''mommy wars''. A way to one up other parents. I'm not going to deny that there are people out there like that. There are always going to be people like that no matter the topic but a majority of wearing parents do not wear for the benefit of other people. They do it for the benefit of their children.

Its true that a majority of attachment parents babywear. Its also true that most attachment parents don't spank, breastfeed, co-sleep, and aren't typically yellers. That doesn't mean you need to follow every single one to consider yourself an attachment parent. I spank my son on occasion if he is doing something dangerous. I also tend to be a yeller. I'm still an attachment parent. Dr.Sears says that attachment parenting is not a one shoe fits all. Its listening to the cues of each specific child.

You can also twist this the other way. If you don't want to be labeled as an attachment parent you can still babywear! Babywearing doesn't make you an attachment parent. There are so so many other practical reasons to wear your child.

The point Im trying to get across is that babywearing can benefit everyone, men included!! My sons father and step father both love to wear my son. His grandmother has worn him, aunts, cousins, etc. It really does work for everyone. My father who was NOT an attachment parent has mentioned how cool he thinks babywearing is.

I always always always gift a ringsling to my friends and family at baby showers I attend. And every single time that parent ends up happy they received it. It might take them a while to really see the value in a good supportive carrier but they eventually learn to depend and rely on the sling. They're a real life saver!! If you see a mom, dad, or care provider struggling ,and you see they could benefit from babywearing, go up to them and spread the love!! Educate! Show them all the great resources out there. There is most likely a local group in their area and if not there are a ton of amazing online forums and groups. Some even have premade business cards that you can print out at home.

Babywearing has given me the confidence i needed as a mother. Who wouldn't want to spread the love?

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